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Busabout: Travel Tours Launch Promo 2017

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Busabout are a UK based travel operator offering trips throughout Europe and focus primarily at the youth market. They were Heehaw’s first ever client back in 2000 and we’ve enjoyed a prosperous relationship with them ever since. Busabout are all about giving its customers the choice and flexibility to create their own adventure and this is something we wanted to reflect in their launch video for their 2017 campaign. Working closely with dozens of vloggers, we collated hundreds of hours of footage from travellers out on the road enjoying the Busabout experience to craft a video which gave potential customers a first-hand look at the real Busabout adventure.

Busabout offer a huge variety of tours, from hop-on hop-off experiences around central Europe to a burgeoning international music festival scene. Busabout’s brand is constantly evolving to remain fresh and contemporary. Their image is full of energy and adventure and we always love collaborating with them to create a video that does their amazing brand justice. By creating a dynamic video which gives a first hand perspective on the busabout experience we worked to ensure our collaboration on this campaign fitted seamlessly into their brand for the 2016/2017 season.

Busabout 2017 Launch Video


Mally Graveson, Heehaw’s Managing Director said “Busabout was out first ever customer. We love the company and we love their brand of travel and adventure. Working with their marketing team and their amazing network of vloggers is just brilliant.”

Busabout 2016 Launch Video

In the summer of 2015 we worked with Busabout tours guides and vloggers to generate hours of awesome footage which we cut and sculpted to create the launch video for their portfolio of 2016 tours.  

Amanda McCann, Senior Marketing Manager of Busabout Travel said “It has been a pleasure working with Heehaw over the years. Always providing a professional piece of content that sums up our brand perfectly, whilst being easy to work with and delivering within deadlines, Heehaw have always ‘got’ our brand and the content objectives.” 

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