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ISSOS International Summer Schools operate unique summer schools from three campuses at St Andrews, Cambridge and Yale. 2016 was a Calendar year for the organization – its 10 year anniversary. To mark the occasion ISSOS commissioned Heehaw to produce a celebratory video, alongside an updated corporate short showcasing the wide range of activities on offer across the school’s three stunning locations.

Michael Welsh, Heehaw’s Senior Producer:

“It’s been a pleasure to work with ISSOS on this project and to film in their beautiful campuses. The variety of students they have really is amazing – and brings whole new perspectives to each class. From the get-go ISSOS were keen to do something different with our videos – to best reflect the passion, drive and enthusiasm of their students and teachers. I’m really happy with the end result.”

Jen Munro, ISSOS Founder and Managing Director:

“We loved working with Heehaw, they knew exactly what we wanted to achieve and how to go about it, they spent time getting to know our company and our brand and were clear as to what had to be communicated in the film. Heehaw spent time at our St Andrews and Cambridge campuses interviewing students and staff and produced an amazing amount of footage that we will be able to use for a while to come. They made three great films that set us apart from others on the market and clearly demonstrate and communicate the professionalism, safety and quality we asked them to highlight.”

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