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Do you own the dancefloor?

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Legendary UK nightclub The Hacienda closed its doors for the last time in 2007. Do you own the dancefloor?, visits the auction that followed, and tracks down where the bricks, toilets, exit signs and bits of dance floor are today, meeting those who were there and examining nostalgic obsession, passion and occasional eccentric insanity along the way. 

The film is the first project to emerge from our own film slate, was produced in close collaboration with Manchester based Shiny Brick Films and directed by Chris Hughes, who spent four years tracking down and interviewing those involved.


In 1997 the iconic Hacienda nightclub closed its doors for the last time, eventually sold off to make way for city centre flats. In 2000, interior and exterior pieces of the building were auctioned to fans from around the world.

Do you own the dancefloor? meets those who were at the auction; people who had spent years at the club from its rocky inception to its high profile and controversial closure. Those who would ultimately gather in a warehouse in Central Manchester, England, to eagerly bid over bricks, boards, bollards, cats eyes, sinks and urinals, anything just to take a piece of the legend home with them.

Through the experiences of those who lived for the club; from the punters to the mangers, the DJs to the occasional rock star, the film looks at the passions and obsessions formed through a collective experience so profound it would not only change their lives, but the history of music forever.

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