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Stewart Christie is Scotland’s oldest bespoke tailor (Est. 1720) and has a proud history of catering for the likes of Royals and Sir Walter Scott, using the finest local and national materials to produce classic garments. These days they combine their rich heritage and classic designs with a modern approach, working alongside some of the country’s finest creative talent to bring the (almost) 300 year old company into the 21st century! We worked with the team at Stewart Christie to create their most recent promotional films. 

The Garden Party

The first, The Garden Party was created to celebrate the launch event of a change of management for the brand, in one of Edinburgh’s beautiful private gardens. We used a moving camera rig alongside occasional 50fps (slow motion) footage to move the viewer through the garden spaces and elongate moments of interaction between guests. Simple titling finishes off the piece, helping to give context to the event. 

Masters of Ceremony 

Our second video, Masters of Ceremony, showcases a day at Edinburgh’s latest (and coolest) event venue: the Biscuit Factory, during which Stewart Christie exhibited its amazing archive of historic garments. The video uses the same moving camera style as our first, while at the same time incorporating motion tracked text and graphics within our scenes, adding a contemporary feel to the production and echoing the forward-facing nature of the event. 

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