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We've been working with the World Health Organisation for a number of years on a variety of different communication projects ranging from campaign videos and animations to creating PSA films for CNN.

9th Global Conference on Health Promotion in Shanghai

In 2016 we produced a series of videos for the 9th Global Conference on Health Promotion in Shanghai: a major political event bringing together leaders from across the globe to address the issue of health promotion, and its relationship to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The suite of content included videos to be played both in the run up to, and during the event itself.

The first, our PSA, was aimed at raising awareness for both the conference and health promotion itself, the audience being both conference attendees and the public at large. We used a double exposure style to create an emotive, global call to action. 

The Mayor's Consensus Video

For the conference itself, one of the major videos we produced was the Mayor’s Consensus video. This short animation outlines the commitment made by mayors from around the world to use their influence to prioritise health promotion. Our style used hand-drawn roundels throughout, mimicking the event’s logo.

Shanghai Declaration Video

We also produced the Shanghai Declaration video, an important communications tool to be played ahead of the centrepiece of the conference: the signing of the Shanghai Declaration on promoting health in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and before an address by the President of China, Xi Jinping himself. Provided footage from around the globe by the World Health Organization, we cut together this inspiring short film featuring people from 10 different countries as well as NYC Mayor Bloomberg.


World Health Day

For a number of years we have worked with Swiss agency MEO and the team at the World Health Organization to create the video content for World Health Day, on 7th April. The day commemorates the founding of the World Health Organisation (WHO) while shining light on current issues affecting people’s health around the globe.

World Health Day 2016 - Beat Diabetes

The focus in 2016 was diabetes. Once again we were delighted to find ourselves working with the WHO team and Swiss agency MEO to create the video content for this important campaign, a colourful comic book concept revolving around a superhero with the tagline ‘Stay super’ and ‘Let’s beat diabetes’. The print and online campaign developed by WHO and MEO revolved around a series of posters designed to look like comic book covers. From this we created animations and video content to bring the posters to life.

Heehaw’s MD Mally Graveson said: It was a brilliant collaborative project working with Swiss based communication company MEO and the team at WHO.  We hope our videos will make a difference and we’re really proud of our involvement with World Health Day 2016. 


World Health Day 2015 - How Safe is your food?

In 2015 the World Health Day campaign centred on the importance of Food Safety. Working alongside MEO and WHO we developed an atmospheric animation which brings to life their highly conceptual poster campaign, which we like to affectionately call Shark-fin soup. 

World Health Day 2013 - Control Your Blood Pressure

In 2013 we produced a 30 second PSA for the year’s theme of Control your blood pressure. The video uses actors form across the globe in several scenarios relating to the silent killer, hypertension. A heartbeat is heard throughout, muffling out the diegetic (real) audio of the scene and drawing our viewer’s attention to that which is usually silent. A slow camera track into each scene was chosen as a device to add intimacy: bringing our viewer into the action and revealing more about the scenarios. The video was broadcast on TV stations including CNN and Al Jazeera. 

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