Heehaw Films

The team at Heehaw are all talented artists and filmmakers with individual credits across a multitude of narrative and documentary projects. At the same time as creating work for our wonderful clients, we’re also working on a slate of our own original content. Intending to produce a slate of eclectic and wide reaching stories, we’ve several projects in development, so keep an eye on the blog for the latest updates.

African Witchfinder

60yr old Berrie is a Namibian pastor, dementia specialist, and charity head. While visiting a remote bush community in 2012 he came across a woman alone in a decrepit mud hut, chained to a post. Accused of being a witch, she had been there for over 20 years. Quickly diagnosing her with dementia, he negotiated her release and began a campaign for the freedom of the mentally ill and to prevent more innocent people from being drugged, chained or murdered. But Berrie is facing a deadly mix of ancient culture, fear, superstition, and a lack of education that reaches across sub-Saharan Africa. With the odds stacked heavily against him, Berrie begins a seemingly impossible journey to raise awareness and fight for change.

Do you own the dancefloor?

Legendary nightclub The Hacienda closed its doors for the last time in 1997. In 2000, hundreds of fans gathered at an auction in Central Manchester to bid on hallowed pieces of the now demolished venue. Do you own the dancefloor? looks at the history of this iconic club, visits the auction and tracks down where the bricks, toilets, exit signs and bits of dance floor are today, meeting those who were there and examining nostalgic obsession, passion and occasional eccentric insanity along the way.