Video Production

Video has become an absolute necessity for any brand, company or service. You could be looking for a 90 second promo, or a 30 second teaser for social media. Perhaps you’re looking for a TV ad with a follow-on campaign across your website and digital channels. As the line between video, film, and online advertising becomes increasingly blurred, the moving image is now a hugely important part of the way a company portrays itself to its audience and client base.

Whatever the nature of your business, video can help tell your story, sell your product, promote your service, inform your customer base or update your staff. Video has become a prerequisite of any online presence, and with the huge amount of video content already out there, it’s important to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Brand and Commercials

We work with big brands to create engaging films for a mainstream audience, whether distributed globally across social and broadcast, or adapted for regions and networks.

Promo Videos

While the majority of our work originates here in Scotland, we’ve been all around the world creating promo videos for our clients; going up in hot air balloons in the Swiss Alps, testing oil pipelines in the Middle East, and shooting timelapses in Hong Kong. 

Animation and Motion Graphics

Here at Heehaw, we also create animation and motion graphics films. At the start of a project we'll have a think about how best to tell the story and if animation and motion graphics are the right way forward, we'll put down our cameras and pick up our pencils! Sometimes we combine animation and motion graphics with real live footage and it can be a really effective story telling device.

You can find our more about our inhouse animation and motion graphics production by clicking on the links or using the sub menu above.